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Atlas 10-D “Big Joe 1”
By Kevin Huang

First launch of the Mercury program. Launched a boilerplate Mercury capsule to test the ablative heat shield, afterbody heating, and reentry dynamics.

Titan IIIC with MOL
By Eiffleman

Titan IIIC modified to carry a boilerplate mockup of the Manned Orbiting Laboratory.

Little Joe II
By Eiffleman

American rocket developed to test the Apollo spacecraft Launch Escape System and the Command Module parachute recovery system in abort mode. Smallest of the four launch vehicles used in the Apollo program.

Atlas LV-3B (Mercury-Atlas Launch Vehicle)
By Kevin Huang

First American orbital human-rated launch vehicle. Used to launch the Mercury capsule to low Earth orbit.

Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) for Apollo
By Eiffleman

NASA vehicle used to quarantine astronauts returning from the first four Apollo lunar missions. An Airstream trailer was converted by Melpar, Inc. to house three crew, a physician, and an engineer.

T-38 Talon
By Kevin Huang

NASA trainer aircraft

A-4 / V-2 Rocket with Support and Supply Vehicles
By Kaero, Mark Balderama, and Wolfram Broszies

The Aggregat 4 (A-4), later renamed the V-2 for Vengeance Weapon 2, was the world's first long range missile and the first to pass the Karman line reaching 'space'. Much of the development team went on to help develop rocket programs for both...

Falcon Heavy
By Eiffleman

SpaceX partially reusable heavy-lift launch vehicle derived from the Falcon 9. Consists of a strengthened Falcon 9 first stage center core and two Falcon 9 first stage strap-on boosters. As of 2021, Falcon Heavy had the highest payload capacity of operating rockets and the third highest of...

Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle
By Eiffleman

America's first crewed suborbital launch vehicle. Member of the Redstone rocket family derived from the U.S. Army's Redstone missile and the Jupiter-C LV. Used for six suborbital Mercury flights carrying astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom.

By Eiffleman

American manned spaceplane used for hypersonic research. Conducted tests for ballistic flight, winged reentry, and gliding recovery. The X-15 was intended to evolve to a manned orbital spacecraft until the urgent need for the Mercury and Gemini programs surfaced. Research from the X-15 eventually led to the techniques...

X-20 Dyna-Soar
By Eiffleman

Cancelled USAF program to develop a multipurpose spaceplane.

Apollo Recovery Mission / Helicopter 66
By Kaero

During the Apollo 8, Apollo 10, and Apollo 11 missions, Helicopter Sikorsky Sea King SH-3D with number 66 was the primary recovery vehicle which hoisted returning astronauts from the spacecraft command modules.

Apollo Command Module with Heatshield
by Eiffleman

The Apollo Command Module was the crew and reentry capsule portion of the CSM. It housed crew accommodation, equipment bays, and the controls and displays for operating the Apollo spacecraft.

Atlas LV3 Agena-D
By Eiffleman

Standardized Atlas plus Agena D used for a variety of NASA and Air Force programs, including Ranger, Mariner, Midas, and Gambit.

Titan IIIA
By Kevin Huang

Titan III configuration launched four times to test the Titan transtage and later incorporated as the core stage for the Titan IIIC.

Delta B (Thor-Delta B)
By Eiffleman

Derivative of the Thor-Delta rocket using the Thor DM-21 configuration with a Delta D second stage and an Altair solid rocket motor third stage. Launched the first geosynchronous satellite, Syncom-2.