About the Brick Space Agency

Welcome to the Brick Space Agency! I have always been fascinated by the exploration of space and the rockets and spacecraft it takes to get us there. I love watching rockets launch and escape the confines of Earth as they transport humankind to new frontiers. When I was a kid I would build all sorts of space vehicles from LEGO and imagine I was on a mission to Mars or Alpha Centauri!

In 2014, MOC designers Valerie Roche (aka Whatsuptoday) and Felix Stiessen (aka Saabfan) submitted their amazing Apollo 11 Saturn-V model to the LEGO Ideas site. This amazing model has incredible detail with stages that can be separated. The Apollo spacecraft, including the Lunar Orbiter and Lunar Lander, were also incorporated. It quickly gained thousands of supporters and was selected by LEGO to be offered as an official set. In 2017, LEGO released the NASA Apollo Saturn V set featuring a meter-high 1:110 scale model of the Apollo mission launch stack. As soon as it hit the store shelves I bought one and happily assembled the 1,969 piece model. It truly looks majestic on my desk and every time I see it my imagination takes me on a trip to the Moon!

My ever growing collection of LEGO launch vehicles

I began to wonder if other rocket model MOCs were available. Soon I discovered that an entire community of LEGO and space fans was designing and building launch vehicles, spacecraft, and even launch infrastructure all in the same 1:110 scale as the Saturn V. I’ve now built several of these MOCs and have enjoyed discovering them, sourcing parts, building, and even collaborating with a few of the designers to solve build problems and suggest improvements. It’s been a real joy to see my collection of space MOCs grow and I’ve now set a goal to build every major launch vehicle that’s reached orbit. I also hope to give back to the community by sharing my experiences building these MOCs and making it easier for other to find, source, and build their own collection of LEGO space MOCs.

The mission of the Brick Space Agency is to showcase the many amazing LEGO space models, in 1:110 scale, and their creators. Discover, build, and share your own fleet of rockets, launch vehicles, spacecraft, space stations, launch facilities, and mission support.

3...2...1... Liftoff!

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