Titan IIIC

by Kevin Huang

USAF expendable launch vehicle used from 1965 until 1982. First Titan family rocket to use large solid rocket motors. Intended for launch of the Dyna-Soar (cancelled) but primarily launched DoD payloads.


By Eiffleman

American manned spaceplane used for hypersonic research. Conducted tests for ballistic flight, winged reentry, and gliding recovery. The X-15 was intended to evolve to a manned orbital spacecraft until the urgent need for the Mercury and Gemini programs surfaced. Research from the X-15 eventually led to the techniques used by the Space Shuttle.


By Eiffleman

First American manned space station launched 14 May, 1973. Originated as the Orbital Workshop then vastly upgraded to take advantage of remaining Saturn V rockets.

Kevin Huang

Exceptionally detailed models with particular attention to accurate color. Working on Atlas and Titan rocket families.


One of the earliest to begin creating 1:110 scale rockets, Eiffleman’s models feature common parts and utilize LEGO standard cylinders when possible. This makes them a great choice if you are new to building MOCs as they are affordable and simple to build.